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Below is the privacy policy and terms & Conditions for the use of www.alexanderscott.co.uk. There are two sections to this document; the first applies to everyone using our website, whilst the second applies to only those who log into PIP (Project Information Portal).

Section 1 includes the use of analytics cookies and the correct procedures for the replication of information & material found on our website.

Section 2 includes the use of functional & essential cookies and the correct use of documents & drawings issued by Alexander Scott Design Ltd.

By using our website you are agreeing to the terms & conditions in section 1 and by logging into PIP you are agreeing to the terms & conditions in section 2.

Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy


Like most websites, we record various bits of data in 'cookies' and 'session variables'. This is done in order to achieve various functions within the website. These cookies can be divided into 3 different types of use.

  • Essential Cookies - These include items such as our login system. Without these cookies we would be unable to identify which files and projects you have been given access to.
  • Functional Cookies - These improve the user experience. For example, we record which files you download and when you downloaded them. Using this information, we can show you the files that you have not yet downloaded.
  • Analytics Cookies - These cookies allow us to monitor the level of traffic to our website, which pages people are visiting, which services they are using as well as which errors are occurring. The data that is gathered will never include any personal information.

As we only use cookies that we feel are needed (whether that be for essential use or a more functional use), we do not offer you the ability to opt out of the use of cookies. As such we operate according the two statements below.

By using our website you are agreeing to the use of analytics cookies (see Section 1.1 below).

By logging into our website you are agreeing to the use of essential and functional cookies as well (see Section 2.1 below).

1.0 - General Website Use

1.1 - The Use of Cookies

For any typical user of our website, you retain complete anonymity. We do not track any personal information about you and any information that is gathered about your visit is retained for website development and internal use only.

The information that we may gather is what we call analytical information. This information will not always be gathered and sometimes only certain bits of information will be recorded. The data we collect may include the following, but this list is not exhaustive:

  • Whether user is new or returning (this is done by recording your IP address, it is used solely to determine if you are a returning visitor)
  • Number of page requests in visit
  • Number of file requests in visit
  • Duration of visit
  • Navigation Path
  • Active Time
  • Number of times a page has been visited
  • Number of errors that have occurred on a page (error reports may be compiled and sent to the website administrator when an error occurrs. These only include information about the error, not about you)
  • Page View Duration

1.2 - Copyright & Redistribution of Content

You may replicate and distribute any information found on our website (exluding PIP) freely provided that it is used in the correct context and is properly referenced. For further details about how to correctly reference our material, please contact us

2.0 - Login & PIP Use

2.1 - The Use of Cookies

In order to maintain the security and protection of documents held on our server, we have to verify your identity through our login system. This system uses essential cookies in order to define your user id, email address etc so that we can check at various stages throughout your visit which documents or areas you have permission to access & which you do not. These cookies, by very definition, must contain personal information in order to ensure you are who you say you are. This personal data only ever contains an email address, phone numbers, address etc.

Functional cookies are also used by PIP; these are cookies that keep track of non-essential data (such as which files you have downloaded and when). This allows us to deliver as useful and relevant a service as possible.

By Using this service you are agreeing to the use of both of these types of cookies.

2.1 - The Use of PIP & Alexander Scott Design Ltd. Documents

Information delivered on PIP may be project or client sensitive and may only be used in connection with that project. Likewise, drawings and document issued by Alexander Scott Design are only permitted to be used for construction after they have been paid for and may only be used in connection with the project they were created for. For further details about the correct use of our documentation, please contact us.

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